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Lonely Jude


Posted on 2007.07.01 at 23:35
I wonder if heaven, if it does exist, has the internet...

Like www.goldengates.heav and stuff like that...

And if it does, is it like uber broadband or is it shitty modem? I can imagine God on the PC, trying to download some porn and it's very slowly coming up and he's like "Aww, hell no!" *smite*


My Fish

Posted on 2007.05.23 at 23:32
Well, this is interesting...

As you may or may not know, I had fish for my birthday from Carys. I named them Weebl and Bob from... well, Weebl and Bob. And everything was fine until a few days ago...

Y'see, Weebl has been chasing Bob. A LOT. And Bob doesn't seem to be liking it, so I've come under the impression that Bob is actually a girl, and Weebl wants to fertilize some eggs. Like I said, Bob is having none of it...

Until now! Bob is now hassling Weebl! Weebl isn't swimming away like Bob did, but he doesn't really seem to be acknowledging this... I think I'm going to become a fish's grandad O_o.


Cherry Hills Community

Posted on 2007.05.23 at 23:30
Looking for the Cherry Hills Community?

cherryhills Here it is!

Posted on 2007.05.16 at 22:07
Presenter on the Apprentice: You're Fired show on BBC 2

"It was difficult, it was like a detention task, like an essay on what's the inside of a ping pong ball."

...A ping pong ball is hollow. Therefore, air.


Oh Mr. Presenter, get your statements right *kicks him*

Posted on 2007.05.10 at 19:45
It was my birthday two days ago.

Best Birthday - EVAR! ^_^ No doubt about it.

From my parents, I got money to buy a Wii off my friend. I got a fish tank and fish (called Weebl and Bob) from Carys ^_^. They're awesome. I also got a new phone from Carys' parents because mine was slightly broken, which was unbelievably nice of them. I also got lots of other presents from my friends (including a A SPECIAL LITTLE GIRL with a giant 1 card off my friend and his girlfriend... heh xD)

The Wii rocks, just in case you were wondering. Wii will, Wii will rock you indeed. I love it, I've got both of my parents to play it, and they love it too.

So yes, just a little update. I'm off to play The Sims 2 now.


Diaz and Matt discuss Vampires

Posted on 2007.04.30 at 22:06
I'm "Or He'll..." and Diaz is "I don't care..."

I don't care what Mark Wahlberg calls himself now, dude will always be Marky Mark. "Feel it, feel it". says:
Can vampires grow beards?

Or he'll say that he's just not the same and you'll begin to wonder why you came says:

Or he'll say that he's just not the same and you'll begin to wonder why you came says:

Or he'll say that he's just not the same and you'll begin to wonder why you came says:
'cos on Family Guy, doesn't one of the Blackulas have a goatee?

I don't care what Mark Wahlberg calls himself now, dude will always be Marky Mark. "Feel it, feel it". says:
HAH! Best logic ever.

What's the lesson here? When in Doubt, Refer to Family Guy.

Posted on 2007.04.22 at 23:18
Matt's made a new legacy. However, there's a new place to find that kind of dope. And no, it's not Vintage's house.

It's here! cherryhills

So for your dosage of Legacies and other Simmy Stuff, get your Sims 2 High here.

Disclaimer: There are, in no form of any kind, no drugs being sold here.

Posted on 2007.04.20 at 21:50
This is my legacy spoiler for when I release it soon-ish...

At the moment, I've got the Founder, his wife who has 4 Loves and Made out with 5 people... and triplets. This should be entertaining...

Posted on 2007.04.18 at 22:29
Current Mood: happyxD
Is it sad that I like the Apprentice? It's interesting, and it's on terrestial so I can watch it in my bedroom.

I don't really care if you think I'm sad.

Hehe, I'm happy.

Posted on 2007.04.16 at 22:30
Hey Guys!

God I haven't posted in a long time! I do go on LJ every day but i never have anything to say.

So not much is happening, 2 week holiday was lovely. The weather was gorgeous, wasn't it? I spent half my time on Carys' trampoline or in Mumbles. I hope the weather keeps this up. Carys, you might have to take me Summer Clothes Shopping soon.

Also, Carys and I have challenged ourselves to making a Super Neighbourhood on The Sims 2 - How is it so super, you ask?

Well first, all of the buildings in the neighbourhood and the downtonwn (both custom neighbourhoods) will be made by us. All of the townies will be made by us. At the moment in time, we've made loads of stuff, from parks, town squares, a gym, night clubs, restaurant, and loads of houses.

Plus, this is what the downtown map is: It's Freakin' Huge

As the link describes, it is MASSIVE, and it'll be really hard to fill it up.

The good news about this? Well, when it's nearly finished, I'll be making a community for this neighbourhood, showing it off, and legacies in the neighbourhood and other sim stories. And Maybe i'll let you guys download it :D.

Nothing else to say, catch you guys later! xD

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