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Lonely Jude
Posted on 2007.03.26 at 19:39

I'm DYING. As you may or may not know, I pretty much have tonsilitis. I'm on penicillin and it's not working and my throat is killing me and it's getting worse ¬_¬. Swallowing hurts. It could only be worse if breathing hurt.

I could barely eat this evening.

And now I've got to go to London tomorrow! >_< I'm looking forward to it but I just have a bad feeling I'll be in pain for most of the day. But Carys will look after me so I'll be okay.

Mum & Dad are back in two days as well. I'm looking forward to that :D.

(Worst time in the world to get something like this - when the 'rentals go away for a week)

Lonely Jude
Posted on 2007.03.19 at 21:36
9.37pm, Matt is in the Diary Room


It's not funny! I've got a cold and the sniffing and the coughing and the slight headache are managable, it's just I'M SO FREAKING COLD! And it's not because of the cold weather today! I was freezing in Carys' house this afternoon (I had to snuggle up in her bed before I got anywhere away from freezing.

Other news - We Will Rock You audition results. I didn't get a part (not to worry, I'm crap at singing anyway) - but Carys got a part! YAY! I'm so proud of her ^_^!

Gemma Hughes didn't get a part... hahahaha owned. I don't understand how Rachel Clee keeps getting parts either, she's a wretched creature (hehe, I just stole Carys' line), and she hasn't got talent either.

I hope I get better by Wednesday - my parents are going on holiday and if I'm still Ill i'm going to be pathetic. *knocks on anyone's door for hugs and snuggles*

The Sims 2 Seasons, in my opinion, could possibly be the best Sims 2 expansion pack. I decided to compile a lists of must haves - if you have the money - and try to avoid.

Must Haves
The Sims 2 Nightlife
The Sims 2 Seasons

If You have the Money
The Sims 2 Open for Business
The Sims 2 Pets

Try to Avoid
The Sims 2 University (I only really want to get it for the instruments :P)
The Stuff Packs (You can get the same quality stuff off the internet)

I think The Sims 2 Open for Business and Pets are VERY optional - good buys if you have a very keen interest in Pets or having Tycoons of businesses. Otherwise, they're not neccessary to improve your gaming experience.

I sound like such a nerd. Oh well ^_^. Sorry for the lack of updates.


Posted on 2007.02.25 at 21:19
Hey everyone, long time no update, eh?

I'm planning on selling a LOAD of games (14, to be precise) to Gamestation on Saturday - but before I do, I'm wondering if anyone on here wants to buy them. Here's the list - they're either PS2 or PC games, and I'll give the price ono. I'll be using Amazon for prices you could buy them for, so they'll be fair prices.

SOCOM II: U.S. Navy Seals (PS2) - £5
Fifa Football 2005 (PS2) - £2
Gun (PS2) - £8
Devil May Cry 3 (PS2) - £7
TOCA Race Driver 2 (PS2) - £7
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (PS2) - £5
WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It! (PS2) - £1
Max Payne (PC) - £1
Republic: The Revolution (PC) - £1
Black & White (PC) - £2
Medal of Honour (PC) - £7 (like New - barely played)
Fahrenheit (PC) - £8
2 x Football Manager 2005 (PC) - £1 each
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (PC) - £15

If you're interested, comment me with details on how to contact you (i've probably got your MSN anyway), all comments are screened so don't worry.

I'd appreciate it if anyone buys these games - it'll be worth more to both me and you than it would be to GameStation... Like I said, I won't be holding these games on Saturday.

Posted on 2007.02.15 at 22:29
I've made a new legacy!

If you want to read all about it, go on alexrosethesim and have a read!

Sorry for lack of updates! Nothing good happening really!

Posted on 2007.01.24 at 21:26
Merely comment, and I will:
1) Tell you why I friended you
2) Associate you with a song/movie
3) Tell a random fact about you
4) Tell a first memory about you
5) Associate you with an animal/fruit
6) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you
7) In retort, you MUST spread this disease in your LJ

Stolen from Carys shorty_90 otherwise I'm going to be killed. *sniff*

Posted on 2007.01.14 at 16:45
Yay! My PC that died about a month ago from Motherboard suckness has been revived. It's so nice to be on a PC where I don't have to keep looking at 45 degrees all the time!

Plus I've started playing my Xmas pressie game F.E.A.R. (You get to dropkick people in the face in slow motion - so cool).

Plus I've missed all my mooosic.

Posted on 2007.01.08 at 22:58
Okay - Our (Carys, Natalie and My) wonderful group, the Sir Harry Secombe Trust, are performing a Variety show on Wednesday, the 31st of January, the first month of 2007.

Everyone HAS to come.

Carys and Natalie are performing a song, with a few number of girls. They are the best, no lies.

And I am singing a song myself, with another boy. And Carys and Natalie may be dancing for the song.

Plus, we're singing a load of chorus songs, from Musicals such as Wicked (which is Wicked) and Fame! W00t!

Can someone try and organise tickets? We would really appreciate it if you came.

Thank you.

Posted on 2007.01.07 at 21:40
Wow - the amount of people that have posted in the last 2 days is the largest this year.

Posted on 2007.01.03 at 17:37
Yay - the NME Essential Bands came through the door today. Damn good album!

I tried cooking oven chips for the first time unsupervised. I put about 3 servings in accidentally (just for myself), and I didn't cook them brilliantly, a bit soggy. : \.

God knows how i'll survive in University if it's not Swansea. Oh well.

Posted on 2007.01.02 at 21:12
I woke up at 2pm today.

I miss my PC, it's broked and I can't use it until my dad gets off his arse and onto Simply.com to buy new computer bits. Without the main PC, I'm VB-less (which I need for computing), 2 Sims 2 expansion packsless, and generally lacking a better PC.


Oh well, life is pretty good.

My dad said to me "Well, you play on the PC too much, that's why you're short"
Me: "Sports don't make you taller..."
Dad: "What does then?"
Me: "Funny little things called Genes."
Dad: "Well you should buy some larger ones!"


It sounds like something right out of a Lonnie Donnegan song.

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